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Register here to become a member of the European Turfgrass Producers Association. Members will be enlisted from approximately 700 turf growers from all European countries and from the several hundreds of turfgrass industry companies and people. ETP will be a not-for-profit body financed by member subscriptions and sponsorship. Funds generated will be used for administration and to fulfill the aims and objectives of the association. The initial subscription rates have been set as low as possible to encourage a wide membership.
What will you get for your money?

PLEASE NOTE: all ETP memberships are Jan-Dec of each year.
The committment period therefore being the 12 months

Turfgrass producers:

  • Join a community of turf growers.
  • Learn from other members in different European countries.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest research in turf culture.
  • Share experiences to increase knowledge.
  • Get answers to questions about turf growing.
  • Warning of problems ahead.
  • Reduced fees for shows and seminars.
  • Get solutions to turf problems from the experts.
  • Develop new friendships with like-minded people.
  • Visit other turf businesses to get ideas.

Turfgrass Industry Sponsors:

  • Develop a closer relationship with leading growers in the turf industry.
  • Develop a camaraderie with ETP members.
  • Help to provide ETP with the financial support to conduct its affairs throughout the year.
  • Open doors to communicate your message to an audience that’s directly involved in turf production.
  • Provide goodwill to growers in this expanding business.
  • Educate turf growers in ways to improve both the quality of turf they produce and the services they offer.

Turfgrass Producer

Individuals or firms in the business of planting, growing and marketing turfgrass sod.

Turfgrass producer with less than 10 ha:


Turfgrass producer with more than 10 ha:


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Turfgrass Industry

Individuals or firms in the business of supplying or manufacturing equipment, products or services for the turfgrass industry.

Silver Members: €500/year

Gold Members: €1000/year

Platinum Members: €2000/year

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Turfgrass Educator

Educators/researchers/agronomists or other individuals engaged in turfgrass research, teaching or extension/consultancy work.


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