A long-term commitment to football

Barenbrug has a long and proud history with the Euros and the World Cup. During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, their SOS®-grass technology was used to restore the fields last minute, with excellent results despite the challenging conditions. Their RPR®-grass technology also provided resilient fields at Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Euro 2016 in France, and the 2018 World Cup in Russia. These innovative technologies from Barenbrug have repeatedly proven that they can handle and even surpass various climatic challenges.

Tailored solutions for success

The Euro 2021 tournament had a unique setup: 24 countries played against each other in 11 different host cities across Europe. Each of these eleven different countries had its own climatic challenges. This required tailored solutions, and Barenbrug’s unique grass technologies were selected to manage these extreme situations.

Looking ahead to Euro 2024

This year, with the European Championship 2024 approaching, Barenbrug is once again leaving its mark on the stadium and training fields where Europe’s greatest footballers will showcase their skills. The ten different host cities and associated climatic challenges call for a different approach to challenges. Barenbrug offers tailored solutions: in the past, present, and future. Their grasses are designed not only to withstand the most intense matches but also to thrive in Germany’s diverse weather conditions.

Passion for perfection

With a reputation built through years of dedication and innovation, Barenbrug’s grasses remain the undisputed choice for top tournaments such as the UEFA European Championship. Their ability to provide world-class grass seed, regardless of the challenges, ensures that Euro 2024 will be not only a celebration of football but also of exceptional quality and innovation. We look forward to a spectacular tournament where both the players and the perfectly maintained fields will shine and capture the attention.

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