Brouwer 4000

For the European and UK market the machine is available in 40, 58 and 61 cm cutting width and various pallet sizes and stacking patterns. The dual front rolls ensures that the cutterhead works in all weather conditions as you can set the weight from the cutterhead and conveyor separate to ensure a fine and precise even cut. Various pallets configurations can be stacked in pyramid due to the squeeze function in the gripper arm. As the gripper arm is positioned on the right side of the machine the weight distribution is perfect and a pallet will be stacked fast and smooth by minimum movement from the arm. The Brouwer 4000 is meets the latest emission regulations and is fitted with a 3.6 liter stage 5 Caterpillar engine from 100Kw (136 hp) this in combination with hydrostatic transmission the machine has high output.

Pallet Brouwer 4000

All wheel drive traction control

The low noise cabin comes from John Deere and gives the operator an excellent view on the harvester, conveyor and stacker as well. Due to narrow front and overall big tires you can open up a field without damaging the turf as the weight distribution and track are ideal for a minimum ground pressure. The Brouwer 4000 comes standard with all wheel drive traction control.

The Brouwer 4000 can be offered with “on-line” diagnose system to act fast and quick when required, and setting can be done remote.

The Brouwer 4000 is CE certified and TUV approved by Vanmac Turf equipment in the Netherlands and distributed throughout Europe and UK. Vanmac Turf Equipment has the tools, knowledge and parts in Europe and UK to provide excellent service and warranty.

The Brouwer 4000 turf harvester is the best choice for high quality turf production with low cost and worry for the turf grower.

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