Minimize prying in the topsoil

The Combislitter is a new machine in our product range and can be seen as the successor to the Topair. The machine is more solid, robust and simple, allowing us to meet market demands even better and is suitable for both natural grass and hybrid fields.

The machine’s weighted frame ensures sufficient weight, allowing the Combislitter to function optimally and be adjusted precisely. At the top, there is bin designed, special for adding additional weight, if desired. During development, the versatility of the machine was taken into account. For example, the shaft of the Combiseeder can easily be transferred to the Combislitter for fast, less deep aeration.

The machine uses EvolventeĀ® blades that have a working depth of up to 15 cm. These are designed to minimize prying in the topsoil. This keeps your topsoil flat. For weed control and also aeration, cutting discs can be mounted.

The Combislitter is available in a working width of 1.6 or 2.0 meters. Optionally, a pressure roller can be chosen as a finishing touch to the aeration.