SD By Dalmau and Tepeservi create NEWSOD

SD By Dalmau, a company dedicated to the production and marketing of natural grass seeds worldwide, and Tepeservi, a producer of natural grass sods in Spain, have joined forces to create a new company that promises to redefine the standards of the industry. Through this company, which they have called NEWSOD, they will be introducing revolutionary grass varieties, especially those varieties focused on saving water, the warm season grasses (C4).

The merger of these two iconic entities represents more than just a business union; it is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the well-established natural grass market. The experience and knowledge accumulated over the years now combine to create a new paradigm in the industry.

On the one hand, SD By Dalmau has been a fundamental pillar in the supply of basic ingredients, contributing its vision on new varieties that promise to revolutionise the sector. Its commitment to quality and excellence has earned the trust of greenkeepers around the world. Now, his expertise in variety selection and development is complemented by Tepeservi’s experience, resources and infrastructure.

On the other hand, Tepeservi has been recognised for its ability to grow and deliver the highest quality turf quickly and efficiently. Sod, also known as turf rolls, has been a popular choice for those looking for an instant, quality solution to their turf needs. The company’s ability to maintain rigorous quality standards in sod production has become its hallmark, and this expertise is now complemented by its new partner’s ability to innovate.

The shared vision

The shared vision of both companies is to transcend the boundaries of convention and offer the market turf varieties that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also hardy, adaptable and sustainable. These new varieties produced by NEWSOD promise drought resistance, disease tolerance and an unrivalled ability to adapt to a variety of climatic and soil conditions.

The first variety to stand out in its catalogue is Zoysia Zorro, a variety that is set to change everything we have known so far in Europe.

Zorro┬« is Zoysia’s number one ranked grass in the NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) tests and is demonstrated by the numerous golf course conversions to this variety from common but less sustainable varieties. This variety has very fine, deep green leaves and is ideal for golf courses. Zorro’s density, texture and adaptability to different cutting heights offer an exceptional playing surface for tees, fairways and roughs.

Zorro is noted for its high disease and shade tolerance, superior to most warm climate turfgrasses, allowing it to thrive in areas where other varieties cannot.

In short, the merger of these two companies represents an exciting chapter in the evolution of natural turf. With a unique combination of experience, resources and vision, the new company is poised to lead the way to a future where turf is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also smart and sustainable.