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Mission & Vision

The aims and objectives of ETP are:

  • To connect turf growers throughout Europe.
  • To enable networking and information exchange between members throughout Europe facilitated by an interactive website and social media.
  • To support a Turf Show every two years, in different European countries, to showcase innovations in turf production, and to include a conference and seminar programme.
  • To hold a turf growers meeting and social gathering, in non-show years.
  • To encourage research into common problems found in turf production.
  • To provide a voice for turf growers in Europe.
  • To organise study tours in different European countries.

ETP activities include collecting and disseminating technical information and innovation by using the association’s website, newsletter, conferences and seminars.

ETP is open to any person, from any Country, interested in the achievement of the institutional missions of ETP and sharing its spirit and ideas. Therefore members can be individuals who are experts, researchers, technicians, teachers involved in the turf grass sector. Also companies, laboratories, institutes and scientific societies, governmental institutions can become members when represented by eligible individuals.